BluePump Spare Parts

The BluePump is very reliable and therefore it does not need spare parts all the time. We advise a service visit every year by a qualified local Pump Mechanic to check on all nuts & Bolts and the Pumping System.

Nevertheless, it is good to know that you always can get a quick service for any part that you may need.

Spares are available from your local country dealer, or from a BluePump NGO partner, or directly from Boode B.V. We are known for a quick end quality service because we know that pumps need to work, every day.

BluePump SMS service

On each BluePump in the field, you find our mobile nr. +31 6 236 686 15 that you can SMS or call in case you need urgent assistance or spare parts. Actually, we hardly receive any calls, which indicates that most BluePumps are functioning all over Africa.

On the front side of the BluePump you will find in the cap 4 small holes, here you can attach with rivets your own project info or any message or advertisement that you may like. You can order an aluminum plate with 4 holes and rivets for that purpose when you buy your BluePump. 

In the technical drawing below you find a list of all current parts of the BluePump model 2018. In case you have an older type, don't worry, all new parts are compatible with the older parts. 

BluePump upgrades
From time to time we improve BluePump parts or add new parts, based on feedback from the field. Over the last years some of the main improvements are:


BluePump parts 1